Two Manuals for Embodied Meditation

It has been pressing on my mind: “what would be the most effective meditation path for the modern person?”

Over the years I have come to believe that classic meditation methods (focus on the breath and sit in good posture for days/weeks) come from pre-industrial cultures.

Mostly from monastics and hermits. Those that live a contemplative life day in day out. Not a modern, ungrounded, heady, family-work-every-day-lay person-stressors type of brain/body and nervous system.

Also, the classic methods do not adequately take into account how removed from our direct felt, embodied experience our left brained (living from a mental projected map as opposed to living from the body, healthy emotions and intuitive creativity) society has become.

There has also been 150 years of psychological development and psychological methods that were virtually unknown in even the most “sacred psychologies” of the traditional spiritual-meditative methods, east and west.

Contemplating how to create a type of meditative approach that would reach the modern human being effectively I recorded a very low quality but extensive embodied meditation program of my own creation.

But what I have come to find out is that there is a well known psychotherapist and meditation teacher of whom has done just this.

I have read through John Prendergast, PhD.’s latest two books:
“In Touch: How to Tune in to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself”
“The Deep Heart: Our Portal to Presence”

I cannot recommend these books high enough!

If there is one path of how to meditate that I believe would optimally benefit the modern person or my clients it is the methods presented in these fantastic reads!

I’ll provide the links here again and also it’s worth repeating the fantastic guided meditations by Tara Brack, PhD which are similar:

John Prendergast books

Tara Brach guided meditations

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