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Update as of 4/16/20:

Online therapy is new for the majority of my clients. I am new to using it as much as I am right now, although I have practiced it for several years.

Over this time, I have learned several logistics about conducting effective online therapeutic sessions:

  1. If the client is using a phone or tablet, my online program of which I send a link via email will prompt to download an app. If the client is using a PC or laptop, they do not need to download an app.
  2. A phone and tablet is workable and some clients are in a situation where they have to use these devices. To be as effective as possible, a larger screen is preferred if the client is able to use one.
  3. Lighting works the best if the light is in front of the client and or their device.
  4. As the client is able, attempt to have the device at eye level, using books or shelves or anything else. Be creative. It may feel much lest personal we are looking down or up at each other. It is also much better for the neck and back to be at eye level.
  5. If you feel that you need more privacy, use headphones, use a bluetooth speaker outside of your door for white noise, go to your car or find anywhere else you can to be by yourself.
  6. I use Zoom as a back up to my program, so it is helpful to have Zoom installed on your device just in case.
  7. When lag or wifi issues arise, it’s helpful to stop speaking immediately as one of us usually does not know that we lost full communication. It is also helpful to find a simple signal that there is lag or the screen or audio is frozen. If this continues, it can be helpful to turn the device off and wait several minutes before turning it on again.



Attention: Amidst the Coronavirus, I am encouraging teletherapy for my clients. It is covered by all insurances and just as effective as in person psychotherapy.

Please read this statement and come to me with any questions or concerns about this temporary adjustment:

This message is for all of the great clients that I have been and am continuing to work with.
These are difficult times right now.

On a high side to this, I’ve been hit with how much working with each and every one of you means to me and how I feel this web of us all in this together. Without being higher or some pseudo-sage or something, but a peer with expertise on the human change process and human potential.

I thought that it would be okay to see client’s in person 30-50% of the time but what I’ve learned is that virtually none of my peers are working in person with their clients for several weeks.
This means that I must do the same.

Beginning tomorrow, 3/20, I will be seeing my clients through teletherapy through my computer program.
It’s not ideal but I find online therapy to be about 80% as effective as in person therapy. I’m even learning how to do Brainspotting over the internet.

I will make exceptions for several clients a week of whom may not have a computer or laptop, or of whom absolutely need to be out their environments for therapy. In these cases we will discuss precautions and the risks/benefits.

Please contact me with any questions about this. I’m planning on this being for the next two weeks and then I will reassess where the mental health powers are urging us to practice.

In the mean time I’m also adding several links to some resources for sound healing and anxiety regulation skills:


Free Alpha Wave Grounding MP3

Great Site on Hypnotic Sounds Journeys






Welcome, my name is David Bell, LCSW-C. I am a clinical social worker in the central Maryland region.

I specialize in deeply transformational and experiential approaches to psychotherapy and mental health. Meaning, I focus on transformation of symptoms and negative emotional states to positive emotional states and human flourishing.

I believe that even among the deepest wounds of trauma and pathology there still lies tremendous potential for resilience and change. 

I also believe that an effective therapist needs to be accountable to their clients for being impactful and helpful and in this I work almost moment by moment to meet my clients where they are at.

I work with adults who struggle with trauma and other stress related experiences, depression anxiety, attachment problems and the majority of the types of emotional struggles that a human being may face.

I serve clients who generally live in Anne Arundel County, Howard County,Baltimore County, and Baltimore City.

My private practice is located in Catonsville at: Catonsville Counseling and Wellness

Right now I accept Carefirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Behavioral Health, and out of pocket/self-pay($120 for initial session and $100 per hour session) at my Catonsville practice.


At this time (Mid February 2020) there is over a two month wait for new clients in Catonsville.

Office Hours:
Wednesdays: 12pm-8pm
Thursdays:     11am-7pm
Fridays:          10am-6pm
Saturdays:     10am-5pm

I will update my availability periodically.