My Services

I provide intensive psychotherapeutic services for adolescents (generally 16 years old and up) and adults.

My focus is on working with difficult emotional experience and yielding positive emotional experiences and relational experiences.

I work with the goal to go beyond reduction in symptoms to making the way for human flourishing and deeply pro-social existing with others.

I believe that psychotherapy is not simply working with mental disease and pathology, but about transforming to the degree that others can live a life outside of the fight/flight/freeze states of stress, trauma and reactivity to realize who one truly is beyond our past conditioning.


My Specific Approach and What to Expect

I consider my school of psychotherapy to be a gentle experiential way of working towards change. This means that I work in the moment in a deeply mindful manner and I create a space where everything about the other is accepted and validated without any judgement.

With children, my ‘experiential’ approach tends to focus on play, art and other means of non-verbal expression with emphasis on working towards healthy relating to caregivers and how parents can help lessen their child’s negative states and anxieties.

I do not believe change and transformation can begin to happen unless the normal stresses and anxieties of a client’s everyday life are lessened or ceased, so that the psychotherapeutic space can feel good, and comfortable.

I work with almost surgical precision to assess my client’s anxieties and ability to handle the next step or intervention. I never force anything and always ask permission to try new things or explore new areas.

The most I expect from clients and their families is a willingness to explore their edge of change to the degree that this is possible and I will help with the rest.


My work is heavily influenced by:

  • Trauma theory
  • Attachment Theory
  • New frontiers of neuroscience on the human change process
  • Positive Psychology-the psychology of human potential