Transformance and Growth

So many people have been trained to believe that mental health is for one, simply mental, ignoring how actions, the overall body-sense and emotions lead to health and optimal functioning. And two: simply about coping better with dysfunction, with managing and getting by, rather than thriving and changing.

In contrast, my approach focuses on “Transformance” or the drive to change. This is a term coined by Dr. Fosha, PhD which is in contrast to the forces within us to stay the same, to defend against our inner worlds and the interpersonal space with others.

Some of us come in with significant problems and struggles that may take years to truly change, some things take one session to shift entirely. Some things take years to lead up to those sessions of great change. But with the focus on the drive to change, on positive (going towards life, oneself, others, existential reality, in a healthy manner) emotion and action, therapy provides a momentum where there is more and more of a sense that this is impactful, leading somewhere good. One is not left guessing in most cases whether they will change or not.

There are no guarantees of course and everyone is different with different circumstances, but this is what I witness more often than not and what the new sciences on the brain and emotion and attachment support.

Experiential Coaching or Counseling:

I’m seeking clients interested in a particular focus on transformational inner work that is more in lines with coaching or counseling as opposed to formal psychotherapy.

The main difference is that this is an approach where we are not working on a specific disorder or diagnosis, and insurance would not be billed.

It would be for those of whom wish to come in and immediately listen to their inner felt experience. Working deeply with dreams, embodiment, deep imagery, parts of self,  somatic techniques, and other experiential methods.

This way of growth still has a focus on goals but the goals can be much more general than in formal psychotherapy. Despite this work being more introspective, I continue to keep a practical focus where I am constantly checking how this is affecting the client’s life and actions in their sphere of influence.

For more about this, refer to My Site-In Progress on this sister approach to my therapeutic practice.