My Background

My first career was working as a paramedic where I first learned to deeply empathize with others in the most difficult of circumstances. I have been a student of human potential for my entire adult life and desired to study human transformation after a peak experience in 2007 when the “parking brake” that was holding me back in life was released and I caught a powerful glimpse of the psychological potential in everyone.

I have studied everything I could get my hands on as far as eastern and western meditative approaches. After exhausting this search, I realized that psychotherapy has found its footing as a powerful force of change in the new millennium.

Using new neurosciences, attachment theory, trauma approaches, inter-relational approaches, emotional neuroscience, and somatic (body experiential) forms of therapy, psychotherapy is becoming more effective and efficient at deep and lasting change than the older (meditative/spiritual) approaches to change.

I studied many experiential psychotherapies and am currently being mentored by master psychotherapists in a particular school of therapy in the Maryland and D.C. regions.

I work constantly on my own mental health and growth as well, and I never practice interventions with a client that I have not experienced myself.