Sound Healing, Sound Entrainment

I would like to present another avenue of healing that I work with. For clients of whom it is appropriate, I put on either through headphones or through a bluetooth speaker sound healing/brain entrainment music.

I’ve worked with several different types of sound entrainment music/meditative sounds, but what my clients emphatically describe as helpful and relaxing time and again are the meditative soundscapes by Leigh Spusta.

This makes sense as this person is a clinical hypnotherapist and sound engineer. So these soundscapes are created not so much as meditative aids (sounds that are for meditative practices to help a listener to deepen into a different brainwave state) as they are created for hypnotherapists and psychotherapists.

If requested by a client, I may put one of these soundscapes on for portions of a session or the client may request 5-10 minutes with headphones to relax, feel more comfortable, regulate anxiety, and to change one’s state.

These are meant as an aide to therapy, not a therapeutic treatment in and of themselves.

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