Video Taping

To provide the absolute best services I can and to continue my training to as an Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapist, I occasionally video tape client sessions for clients who are willing to do so.

One of the traditions of my approach and other approaches that commit to very precise and intensive training is to learn by video taping client sessions where their trainers and mentors assist the therapist in what they miss and can improve on. There are some things a therapist can only know they’re doing if they can see themselves this way.

The therapy hour is a private and sacred space that I treat with the highest respect.

Because of this, I only ask clients of whom know me and I feel may be willing to be video taped and never push it on anyone.

This is completely optional and does not change the therapy I practice with clients, nor do I develop a bias towards the clients that allow me to video tape them.

If interested in allowing me to video tape you either as a new client or existing one, please let me know and I can provide a contract with more legal explanation.